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A Commitment to Our Veterans This November – And Every Month

The Benefits to our U.S. Military Veterans

Any veteran will demonstrate the bravery required to do the right thing even if it puts their life in danger. Even when veterans may no longer be called to active duty, they continue to remain in the military in spirit when they come home to assume the roles of a parent, caregiver, son or daughter, employee, employer, or volunteer and community support person.

Our veterans are why the United States of America maintains its position as the world’s preeminent democracy. And there is a great number of men and women who have shown tremendous courage and have died protecting our freedom throughout our nation’s history.

The cost of compensating these individuals for their sacrifices then, and now, is immeasurable.

We would not be able to enjoy the freedoms we have today if it had not been for the selfless acts of service our veterans stand to protect today and have done so throughout our short history.

During the month of November, we unite to commemorate their honorable service, and we treat and treasure Veterans Day (Nov 11th, 2022) as a singular moment to honor America’s military veterans for their service to our country and communities.


In line with a season of honor for our military persons, Allstate created a support group for military soldiers, veterans, and their families.

This support includes jobs for veterans and a wide variety of resources to promote their success in areas such as career advancement, financial stability, and more.

For example, they provide insurance that may pay for checkups, tests, and treatments. In an accident requiring medical attention, they may also offer financial compensation. But it is not limited only to health benefits.

They also offer life insurance which can protect veteran employees up to eight times their QAE, or $4 million. In addition, military spouses/domestic partners, and any legally dependent children, can also sign up for life insurance. And there’s more.

Eligible workers of Allstate get a cash balance pension benefit equal to a percentage of their final average remuneration, based on their number of years of service and salary, at no additional cost through the Allstate Pension Plan.

Allstate also values work/life balance, offering work/life benefits. For example, the firm covers vacations, and holidays, a proactive monitoring service, a commuter benefits plan, discounts and incentives just for you and your loved ones, reimbursement for the cost of adopting a child, and more.

A wide variety of programs available through Allstate aim to improve an individual’s physical health, social life, cognitive function, and financial stability. This includes wellness programs that seek to promote health, avoid sickness, improve nutrition, encourage regular physical activity, and a reduction in stress.

Starting off with the right insurance is crucial.

Insuring one’s assets is essential to managing finances; knowing that you will be financially supported after a disaster, or any accident, allows time to focus on recovery.

Veterans receive special insurance resources based on their service. Choosing the right insurance company can aid veterans and their families throughout the process and can be a cornerstone and a plus to retirement life.

Bialke Agency

Career aspirations aside, what if you’re just in the market for great insurance?

Coverage and cost are essential factors to consider when choosing the right insurance, but what about the company’s responsiveness to your needs and financial soundness?

In an emergency, it is important to know that an actual person can be reached and not just a voicemail greeting. Furthermore, you should trust that your insurance company honors its commitments and offers a reasonable and satisfactory financial solution and results.

That’s something you won’t worry about with the team at Bialke Insurance.

The Bialke Agency is a one-stop shop for insurance needs, with experts in such diverse fields as home, auto, life, personal umbrella, boat, and even pet protection.

In honor of veterans throughout November, Veterans Awareness Month, the Bialke Agency is providing veterans a free review of their home, auto, and life insurance policies and benefits.

All you have to do is reach out to schedule a time to sit down with one of our amazing, licensed agents and team members.

When it comes to life’s many uncertainties, the Bialke Agency is here to assist individuals, especially veterans, to be better prepared.

Our team values customer service and prioritizes getting to know our honorable veterans on a deeper level than just their insurance needs so we can advise them on the best way to safeguard the things they care about most.

We fulfill our purpose through dedication to service, honesty, and professionalism.

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