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By Bialke Agency

Bialke Agency Is Collecting Diapers for Nonprofit, Cradle of Hope

Giving Back & Reaching Out.

Bialke Insurance is committed to serving our communities, and this is just one more example of that commitment.

Aside from assisting people in achieving financial stability and protecting their assets through sound insurance solutions, the Bialke Agency is committed to supporting communities when opportunities arise.

Between now and the end of May (2022), Bialke Insurance Agency is on a mission to collect and donate diapers for the Twin Cities local nonprofit organization, Cradle of Hope.

The agency is inviting its clients, partners, local community leaders, family members, friends, and colleagues to drop by their office at 14525 Mn 7, Ste 260 in Minnetonka with a donation of diapers during regular business hours to help meet their community giving goal this season.

Diaper Drive - Cradle of Hope

What is the Mission of Cradle of Hope?

Cradle of Hope is dedicated to helping expectant mothers and newborns in crisis due to financial constraints by offering financial relief, material assistance, and support solutions and relieve stress during an already difficult moment. They provide necessary assistance in an effort to promote a healthy pregnancy, healthy birth, and a future filled with hope.

This year, the organization needs community aid to serve over 3,000 moms and their newborns – a loft goal – and one the Bialke Agency is stepping up to help them try and meet.

Cradle of Hope’s aspirations

Cradle of Hope’s board, employees, and volunteers believe in the sacredness of human life and work to accomplish the following objectives:

  • To promote life and prevent abortions from occurring.
  • To make Cradle of Hope’s services available to all Twin Cities citizens within 30 minutes from their Roseville location.
  • To collaborate with different organizations in underprivileged parts of Minnesota, particularly indigenous communities.
  • To help women go from despair to hope by encouraging, supporting, and aiding them in carrying their pregnancies to term and caring for their newborns after delivery.
  • Provide Rent/mortgage assistance and avoid eviction and family homelessness.
  • To make sure every infant has a secure place to sleep.
  • To provide necessary baby supplies so families feel supported as they begin their new lives together.

There are several ways to give to Cradle of Hope

Bialke Agency’s Missions

Bialke Insurance Agency assists customers in preparing for life’s many uncertainties. Their company works hard to get to know people beyond their insurance requirements, so they can help determine the best course of action for safeguarding everything they own and cherish. They fulfill their purpose by adhering to the ideals of service, honesty, and professionalism.

Part of that mission is to give back where, and when possible, to the communities they serve.

Our Ongoing Mission to give back to local communities and organizations

Bialke Agency is expanding, and they aim to continue to assist the people in their region and support the issues they are passionate about in the future.

They seek to make a genuine difference in the lives of the people who live in the areas in which they work. They will continue to make an equal commitment to give back to these areas where and when possible since it not only helps to fulfill part of their mission but because each member is vested in the notion that this is more than just about delivering outstanding service and insurance products to their customers – it’s about community.

Final thoughts

Even without starting a new group or nonprofit organization yourself, you can still make a difference in your own neighborhoods and communities. Consider volunteering with a nonprofit dedicated to social good and one that aligns with your own personal and moral values.

By volunteering, you can support these organizations by giving your time and allowing them to continue delivering the services your community depends on. Helping each other can have a big impact on someone you may not even know.

It’s why the team at the Bialke Agency is on a mission to spread love and genuinely help our ‘neighbors’ beyond being a resource for insurance.

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