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Business & Commercial Insurance

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Tailor-Made Small Business Insurance

Owning a small business is a dream come true for many people. Whether you’re selling pastries, walking dogs, or arranging flowers, you need to protect that dream.

Business insurance is your first line of defense against unforeseen, unexpected, unwanted situations that could disrupt your business or put your livelihood at risk.

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Business Insurance

The Bialke Agency understands the struggles business owners face in protecting themselves. It’s why we help you look critically at your situation and find ways to protect you from liability.

We don’t just offer generic business insurance—we take the time to compile the right coverage in the right capacity.

Business Insurance Coverage

Professional liability insurance

Depending on the industry you’re in and the products or services you provide, it’s essential to have the right liability coverage. Our agents work to understand your business, to help protect you from negligence claims.

Product liability insurance

If you sell products, product liability insurance is essential. This type of insurance protects you in the event your company is sued or held liable for damages caused by a product you make or sell.

Property insurance

It doesn’t matter if you lease your storefront or own your own space; you need property insurance. This coverage protects your building and assets against fire, theft, or storm damage that may affect it.

Workers' compensation insurance

If your boat breaks down, this covers the cost of towing and labor, along with the cost of delivering fuel, oil, or a battery.

Vehicle insurance

Covers the repair work done on your boat, motor, equipment, or trailer with no deduction for depreciation.

Business interruption insurance

When the Minnesota winter takes out the power to your business or causes your business to close down for extended periods, you’ll feel thankful for business interruption insurance!

Agreed value option

When you’re reimbursed for your boat’s value, you’ll be reimbursed for what it was worth at the start of the policy, regardless of the current market value.

Personal effect coverage

Covers your fishing equipment and other personal belongings left on a boat in the event they’re damaged, lost, or stolen.

Additional boat equipment

Covers boat accessories like anchors, life jackets, and navigation gear, up to the policy limits.

Coverage Built To Keep You Secure

You work hard enough running your business—don’t put all your effort at risk by leaving yourself unprotected against unforeseen consequences. Let the Bialke Agency help you secure the right insurance.

We’ll help you protect your investment and your livelihood, so you can focus on your passion and keep doing what you love.

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Make sure you’re protected from life’s uncertainties. Whether you’re changing your career, starting a business, growing a family, raising children, or nearing retirement, The Bialke Agency has your back. Contact us today to discuss the right coverage for your life’s most important things.

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Licensed Sales Professional

Thomas Allen

Thomas graduated from Winona State University with the intention of pursuing a career in insurance.

That decision was based on a passion to be a part of an industry that helps people in their time of need. He wants to be able to provide peace of mind so the clients he serves can live their lives worry-free.

In his free time, Thomas likes to watch college football, play guitar, and golf, and attend concerts with friends. He also enjoys just hanging out with his two puppies — Mauser and Jojo.