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By Bialke Agency

Here’s What Pet Insurance Covers

What pet insurance covers can vary. Many Minnesota pet owners purchase an insurance plan thinking it covers things like vet visits and medication, but they’re surprised to learn that this isn’t always the case. Here’s a look at what pet insurance covers and what it doesn’t:

  • Accident-only plans are just what they sound like. They cover injuries you can’t predict like wounds from dog fights and poisoning from dangerous substances. You’ll want this plan as a bare minimum because accidents can happen at any stage of your pet’s life.
  • Accident and illness plans cover everything mentioned above plus chronic issues like cancer or kidney disease. Even though older cats and dogs are more susceptible to illness, purchase this type of coverage while your pet is young.
  • Comprehensive plans cover accidents, illness, and a selection of other services. These could range from dental care to burial and cremation. This plan also covers consultations and medication to prevent or treat disease.
  • Riders come as add-ons to your existing insurance plan. Minnesota pet owners negotiate with their provider to figure out what additional coverage their pet requires.

There are also many additional factors that dictate coverage. Your pet’s age and breed, as well as coverage tiers, can affect what pet insurance covers. Read the fine print before signing a policy!

What plans DON’T typically cover

Contrary to human health insurance, pet insurance does not cover routine checkups and vaccinations. Pet insurance doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions, either. Illnesses can develop in older pets, but if yours was born with one, you should start a pet medical fund.

Pet liability is covered by your health insurance, not your pet’s plan. Your doctor takes care of dog bites, so you need an insurance plan, too!

Know what your pet insurance covers

Insurance is a smart investment for Minnesota pet owners in any case, but it’s important to know what pet insurance covers and what it doesn’t. Check your policy and talk with your agent to make sure your expectations align with reality.

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