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Life Insurance

Peace of Mind So You Can Enjoy Living

There’s nothing in the world more valuable than your life. The time you spend with family. The good deeds you do for others. The person you are to friends, neighbors and coworkers.

You can’t put a value on a person’s life, but you can protect those you care about by leaving them with a measure of security after you’re gone. You need the peace of mind that comes with a life insurance policy that will take care of your loved ones when you pass.

Family Life Insurance with Bialke Insurance

Ensuring Your Have The Right Coverage

At the Bialke Agency, we know death comes for us all eventually, but we believe you shouldn’t spend your days worrying about when or how. Instead, you deserve to know that your family and everything you’ve worked hard for are in good hands.

Our staff has seen firsthand how fateful life can be at times, which is why we work hard to provide our policyholders with the right coverage.

Coverage, no matter life's circumstances

If you pass away, what happens to the mortgage? Your car loan? Other debts? Will your spouse be able to support the family on their income alone? Is there money set aside for funeral services?

These questions are difficult to ask, and we try not to think about them. But that doesn’t mean they can go unanswered. Taking out life insurance means having the courage to look beyond the present, at a future where you might not be there for the ones you love.

Finding a policy to support them when you’re gone is a responsible way to protect them.

Is life insurance expensive?

80% of consumers think life insurance is more expensive than it actually is. Most life insurance policies only cost a couple of hundred dollars each year!

What if I need to change my life insurance plan?

We’ll help you maintain coverage throughout all of life’s changes and unforeseen events, and we work hard to leverage insurance into your full financial picture.

What kind of life insurance coverage should I get?

The Bialke Agency will help you find a term or whole life insurance policy that’s right for you financially, with premiums and values that fit your situation.

Life insurance is confusing, where do I start?

Whether you’re estate planning or taking early steps to establish yourself financially, we’re here to help.

Live with peace of mind

Many people see life insurance as a daunting task. The truth is, it’s simple to set up when you have the right agent on your side.

At the Bialke Agency, we take the time to walk you through the entire process, talking with you person to person.

We are not here to sell you life insurance—we’re here to make sure your worst fears are covered. We provide you with confidence, security, and peace of mind.

How do I get started?

Chat with us, so we can learn more about how to help! We want to know your situation before we even begin to talk about policies. Our mission is to protect you, and we can only do that if we know where you stand and what’s important to you.

What should I expect?

Expect us to ask the right questions, listen when you speak, and answer your questions in a straightforward manner. Let’s work together to plan for the inevitable, so you can get back to enjoying the life you live.

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Make sure you’re protected from life’s uncertainties. Whether you’re changing your career, starting a business, growing a family, raising children, or nearing retirement, The Bialke Agency has your back. Contact us today to discuss the right coverage for your life’s most important things.

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Thomas Allen

Thomas graduated from Winona State University with the intention of pursuing a career in insurance.

That decision was based on a passion to be a part of an industry that helps people in their time of need. He wants to be able to provide peace of mind so the clients he serves can live their lives worry-free.

In his free time, Thomas likes to watch college football, play guitar, and golf, and attend concerts with friends. He also enjoys just hanging out with his two puppies — Mauser and Jojo.